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Everything you see on this website was drawn by hand by me with a pencil, inked old school style, and then scanned and colored on a computer.
These are all full color drawings. I'm doing this because I like to draw cars.

I'm trying to keep the quality as high as possible.

You DON'T need a Paypal Account to buy a shirt.
You can use a credit or debit card to place an order.
If things take off, I'll look into some other way to handle payments.

I'm printing on Hanes Heavyweights, Gildan and Jerzees. I like the heavy cotton shirts because the designs come out really nice.

I'm not making any money on shipping. I'm using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope and boxes for shipping right now.
The small flat rate boxes went up 20 cents, so after some testing, I went to the flat rate padded envelopes.
If I can ship cheaper, I will refund the difference.

If you buy a shirt and don't like it for whatever reason, send it back and I'll refund your money.

International Shipping
I will ship internationally if USPS ships there.

Any kind of feedback on the artwork or website would be great.
Email me here: doug1105@verizon.net

Other Notes:
Orders will be processed as soon as the payment clears.
Don't bring the pigs, I'm on a diet.


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All Artwork Copyright © 2010, 1105 Design, All Rights Reserved. Protected By Rabid Flesh Eating Monkeys.

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